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Welcome to our Writing: Effective Essays Course, designed to help young writers master the art of crafting clear, compelling, and well-organized essays. This course is ideal for students who want to enhance their writing skills by focusing on the essential components of effective essay writing.

Course Highlights:

  • Focused Learning: Concentrate on creating well-structured essays that convey ideas clearly and persuasively.
  • Interactive Lessons: Participate in engaging, live online classes with experienced instructors who specialize in essay writing.
  • Practical Exercises: Apply what they learn through a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening essay structure, coherence, and argumentation.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive individualized feedback on your child’s work to help them improve and refine their essay-writing skills.

What Your Child Will Learn:

  • Essay Structure: Understand the components of a well-constructed essay, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Thesis Development: Learn how to craft a strong, clear thesis statement that guides their essay.
  • Coherence and Unity: Develop techniques to maintain coherence and unity within their essays to enhance readability and flow.
  • Argumentation and Evidence: Master the use of evidence and examples to support their arguments effectively.
  • Stylistic Techniques: Explore different stylistic techniques to make your child’s essays more engaging and persuasive.

Course Format:

  • Duration: Weekly schedule throughout the Summer Semester
  • Sessions: Monday through Thursday, each session lasting 45 minutes
  • Homework: Weekly assignments to practice and reinforce lesson concepts
  • Resources: Access to a variety of learning materials, including worksheets and example texts

Enroll in our Writing: Effective Essays Course today and take the first step towards becoming a more confident and capable writer. Enhance your child’s writing one essay at a time!


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